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On April 10th, 2017 our lives were turned upside down. Our 13-month-old daughter had a seizure at daycare due to a previously undiagnosed health issue. Later that day we took a Life Flight to an out-of-state medical center for an emergency craniotomy. She is doing very well and we praise God for her strength and joyful presence every single day.  

During our hospital stay far away from home we witnessed the profound benefits play had on our daughter’s recovery.  It was a light-up ball that made our daughter smile for the first time after her surgery and this toy confirmed that she still had her same, bright, beautiful smile. A stroller provided to us by Child Life allowed us to leave her room and have the sun shine on her face. In the pediatric unit playroom, we found the same books that she loved at home and were able to read her familiar stories in an unfamiliar place. We were so thankful to have these simple, but meaningful things available to us. We want to make sure that all kids in our community have access to quality, developmentally appropriate toys and other items to help them in a difficult or scary time. We know that the things we are providing not only comfort the patient, but those that love them. The benefit is truly immeasurable.  


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Hi! We are Brian and Sarah Dahl, proud Bismarck natives. We have two kids, Graham and Vivia, that keep us on our toes and brighten our day. Brian is a physician and Sarah is a former Project Manager at a children’s hospital, and now a stay-at-home mom.  

We are passionate about making a difference in our wonderful community and have realized the importance of play in a pediatric healthcare setting after seeing benefits in our daughter. With support from our family and friends, we decided to start a public charity to help our local kids so that they can benefit from having access to quality toys and equipment to help them in a tough, sometimes scary situation.






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